Johnstown Meteorite Fall Back to Meteorite Gallery

(from the Tuesday, July 8, 1924 edition of the Fort Collins Express-Courier;
 note that Johnstown, Colorado did have its own newspaper in 1924,
 but unfortunately the archives of said publication were later destroyed)

   GREELEY, Colo., July 8 -- A
meteor weighing slightly more than
twenty pounds and about the size
and shape of a man's head fell
near Elwell, Colo., at 4:30 o'clock
Sunday afrernoon, breaking up a
ball game at that town and narrow-
ly missing a funeral procession as
it thudded into the earth near the
entrance of a church.
   Attention to the meteor was at-
tracted when spectators at the ball
game heard a series of staccato
cracks like the noise of a machine
gun and looking into the sky saw
the visitor whirling thru space, ap-
parently headed for the center of
the diamond.  The game broke up
in a stampede.
   The meteor whizzed thru the air
and fell near the entrance to the
church at the moment when a fu-
neral procession was leaving.
   The object buried itself two feet
into the ground.  It was dug up
by the Rev. E. W. Thompson of
Elwell and Walter Mallomee of
Johnstown and is now being exhi-
bited in the latter town.